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Live Minder Case Study 2

Live Minder Case Study 2
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (8:31 AM)

Live Minder Trend Analysis Case Study

Live Minder Trend AnalysisA few days ago I began posting these case studies to show off the results of Live Minder Trend Analysis. I really enjoyed reading the emails I received, and naturally, many of them asked for more proof.

This case study was one of the more difficult ones as the site was way out of date, and their competition on the SEO front was against more than one major chain, (Starbucks and The Coffee House).

Also, I chose to post a difficult one for the sake of transparency. Not all sites respond like the first case study. Every once in a while you find one that makes you work for it.

I can tell you Stella's Coffee Shop is a really cool place, because after having worked with the owner, Don, it's obvious that this little mom and pop business is well cared for, and after reading the numerous reviews, if I ever make it out to Gilbert, Arizona this is definitely on my list of destinations.

Case Study #2

They also started on March 3rd, 2011 and they came to me in decline. Basically they had attained high rankings in the past and their traffic, rankings, etc. fell. You can look at the Alexa Traffic Stats here. They started with a very low traffic rank that was in decline, (- 1,798,091).

So on 3-3-11, this is where their stats were, (screenshot below).

Stellas Coffee Shop Alexa Ranking

They had a traffic rank of 15,675,944 globally, no US rank, and 4 backlinks that weren't showing up in search results. I won't lie, but it's been a constant struggle to stop the free fall, but it did stop and has been gradually on the rise. Here is a snapshot of where they are today.

Stellas Coffee Shop Alexa

They now have a traffic ranking of 3,917,972 globally, we've regained a US-based ranking of 404,858, and their backlinks are slowly increasing.

This case study is a work in progress, and in less than 30 days, all things considering, the recovery of this site has happened very quickly.

For more information on Live Minder, please visit the official website,

To become a case study or to put me to work for you, please visit

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