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TechDex DirectToDesktop direct2client technology

TechDex DirectToDesktop direct2client technology
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Thursday, September 30, 2010 (2:41 PM)

TechDex Direct To Desktop Version 2.0 - New For 2010!

Achieve 100% Message Delivery Rate, Boost
Your Customer Loyalty,
 Skyrocket Your Message
Response Rates, Recover 'Lost' Revenues & Generate
Mega Sales from Your Messages and Newsletter!

TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology is the Ultimate Solution to Falling Email Response Rates, Wasted Email Marketing Efforts and ALL Your Email Nightmares, Problems, Weaknesses and Shortcomings like: Spam Filters/Blockers, Blacklistings, Bounce Backs, CAN-SPAM ACT Law (and whatever email laws come up in the future).

TechDex Direct2Client Frees You from Email Publishing SLAVERY!


From: Dexter Nelson

Dear Email Marketing Friend,

I have very good news for you!

Email Autoresponder System Has Finally Evolved!


TechDex Direct2Client - Deliver Non-Email Messages Straight to Your Clients' Desktops!

TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology


How would you like to have a top-rated, state-of-the-art software solution that has all the strengthsand benefits of an email autoresponder system, yet it jumps over all the problems, weaknesses, shortcomings and difficulties facing and challenging email autoresponder systems and email communication?

What is TechDex Direct2Client?

TechDex Direct2Client is a Direct To Desktop / Web To Desktop Broadcast AND Autoresponder NON-Email Publishing System!

TechDex Direct2Client is the ultimate technology solution that gives you 100% guaranteed and reliable, instant electronic delivery of ALL your messages/newsletters/ezines/special offers, etc..., straight to your prospects'/customers' desktops... using revolutionary new technology That stands head & shoulders over and above email technology!

What Type of Solution is TechDex Direct2Client?

TechDex Direct2Client is a necessity solution for every single business that (1) currently uses email to communicate with its subscribers, prospects and customers, and (2) publishes/delivers newsletters or any digital content using email.

TechDex Direct2Client gives you a direct channel to your subscribers' desktops!

Download TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology Now!


Warning! Alarming Statistics Reveal...

Most of Your Email Marketing Efforts Are
Being Wasted!


You might even be aware of it, but most of your email marketing efforts are being WASTED!

Email in serious trouble and things are going from bad to worse month after month!

Ever Heard of 'False Positives'?

A false positive occurs when legitimate, wanted email is incorrectly identified as spam.

On average, 15% of wanted messages do not get through to the inbox because of the false positive problem. (Assurance Systems, August 2003)

TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology

[source: Assurance Systems, August 2003]

These are your legitimate, "wanted" , "requested" emails that are getting trashed BEFORE they reach your subscribers' inboxes!


E-mail Is Hideously Unreliable

"When I say 'significant,' I don't mean a few. I mean something like 40%, or even more in some cases. And I'm not talking about losing junk mail. I'm talking about the loss of totally valid, non-spam/non-junk E-mail."

E-mail Is Hideously Unreliable. By Fred Langa, InformationWeek


With TechDex Direct2Client email marketing alternative, you can kiss smilie all email publishing problems, weaknesses and shortcomings goodbye.


TechDex Direct2Client Solves All Your Email Problems!


No Spam filters/blockers for you to worry about!

You see if you're not using TechDex Direct2Client, you'd never know which emails are being filtered and which of your subscribers aren't getting your messages, since they usually don't bounce back, do they?

TIME Magazine on TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology
According to Time Magazine!

According to Time Magazine, "At the four major e-mail providers - MSN (including Hotmail), Yahoo, Earthlink and AOL, between 40-70% of all incoming email is killed upon arrival at their mail servers."

In other words emails were filtered as junk/spam before anyone had a chance to read them.


"At the four major e-mail providers - MSN (including Hotmail), Yahoo, EarthLink and AOL (which, like this magazine, is owned by AOL Time Warner) - between 40% and 70% of all incoming mail is killed upon arrival at their mail servers."



"The bulk-mail filter clears a good bit of spam from your in box but not all. It also traps quite a bit of legitimate mail..."


source: Time Magazine

Would you like to send messages and newsletters to your subscribers without worrying about spam filters/blockers intercepting your mailouts?

Start using TechDex Direct2Client!
verisign safe


Impressive Advantages of TechDex Direct2Client Over
Email Publishing


TechDex Direct2Client Messages are Not Emails!

Direct2Client messages are not emails! Therefore, NO email filters/blockers can intercept them or stop them from getting to your subscribers. Nothing stands between you and your subscribers.

There's nothing for you to worry about!

Never waste time and money monitoring your email delivery. TechDex Direct2Client gives you 100% delivery rate!

Finally! You Can Write All the 'Forbidden' Email Words!

Use all the spam trigger words and phrases as many times as you like!

Thanks to TechDex Direct2Client non-email technology and message delivery system, you can finally write all the 'forbidden' spam-trigger email words and phrases you like!

Check out Spam Assassin'sTM rating of "spam" words!


Spam AssassinTM Score: 23.3

SUBJECT: "your family" (2.9 pts)
BODY: "no investment" (2.9 pts)
BODY: "for only pennies a day (2.9 pts)
BODY: "while you sleep" (1.7 pts)
BODY: "additional income" (2.9 pts)
BODY: "money making" (2.7 pts)
BODY: "be your own boss" (2.9 pts)
BODY: "financial freedom" (4.3 pts)
BODY: "click below" (0.1 pts)


By using TechDex Direct2Client you never ever have to worry again about the combination of words you use in your messages.


TechDex Direct2Client Challenge!

100% Guaranteed Delivery of a Message Containing the Word "Free" a Million Times!


Write the word "free" in a message a a hundred times without being forced to change its spelling to fr*ee, f*ree or #%$&@$!

With TechDex Direct2Client, you can send the following message to your opt-in list and get 100% guaranteed delivery rate:


You can challenge anyone to do that using email technology and get 50% delivery rate!

Never Receive a Single Spam Complaint, Ever!

Every week or so, an email autoresponder system that I'm subscribed to sends me the following "Spam Complaint" report!

"Account Complaint Report. Included below are complaint and filtering statistics for various ISP's which we track. e.g. AOL Spam Complaints:"

Did you know that many times, people who opt-in to your list forget they did that and when they receive an email from you, they accuse you of spamming them?!

Well, with TechDex Direct2Client you can forget about these ridiculous complaints, and statistics! That's a promise!

You see, TechDex Direct2Client is based on 'pull' technology. In other words, you don't 'push' or 'force' your message to your prospects'/subscribers' email boxes.
They are the ones who CHOOSE to receive and 'pull' your message to their TechDex Direct2Client desktop reader.

This guarantees that your legitimate messages and newsletters are never ever mistaken for spam.

Your Message Will Never Disappear Under a Mountain of Spam Mail Again! Ever!

Also, since messages received by the TechDex Direct2Client desktop reader are 100% legitimate, you can rest assured that your message and newsletter will never disappear under a mountain of spam mail again! Ever!

Never Worry About Being Blacklisted!

Only email publishers can be blacklisted. A TechDex Direct2Client publisher can never ever be blacklisted.


Today it's CAN-SPAM! Who knows what new paralyzing/crippling email laws they'll enforce on you tomorrow?!

You can totally forget about all email laws like the CAN-SPAM! cause TechDex Direct2Client does not use email technology!

When you use TechDex Direct2Client, not even the strictest, cruelest current/future email laws can stand between you and your subscribers!

0.0% Bounce Backs!

No more email bounce backs due to "insufficient email box space".

mail usage 2

mail usage 1

Question: What if your subscribers' mailbox isn't full? What if they changed their email addresses? How do you know what's the situation?

TechDex Direct2Client does not send messages to your subscribers' email boxes. (1) It sends them to the Direct2Client Desktop reader (2) using non-email technology.

Never Lose Subscribers Due to Email Address Changes

An important question for you:

How do you get in touch with and reach your subscribers who changes their email addresses?

Losing your hard-won subscribers is equivalent to losing money!

Enter TechDex Direct2Client:

Never lose a single one of your subscribers even if they change their email addresses a million times.

Why? Because you have permanent email-independent access to your subscribers! small smiley 1

You're not sending email messages to your subscribers. The only way you can lose contact with your subscribers is if they decide to stop 'pulling' your messages to the TechDex Direct2Client reader (which is their right) or if they delete the TechDex Direct2Client reader all together.

Bottom line...

Your subscribers can have full email boxes and change their email addresses as many times as they like. It doesn't make any difference for you simply because you're using TechDex Direct2Client's non-email message delivery system.

Question: "Do I have to stop using email in order to use TechDex Direct2Client?"

Answer: Of course not! It would be smart to start off by using both and encourage your email subscribers to shift to using TechDex Direct2Client. Oh, there are many ways you can 'encourage' them to use the TechDex Direct2Client Reader to receive your messages and newsletters. [More on this below]

The transition from email technology to TechDex Direct2Client technology should be smooth and it takes some time so you should get started immediately.


If you hesitate and do not jump on this early you're going to slowly and painfully lose your hard-won relationships with your subscribers.

Your Competition Using TechDex Direct2Client Technology!

TechDex Direct2Client is your edge over your competitors! make sure you have the upper hand and don't let your competition beat you to it!

Imagine how much trouble you would be in if your competition had a direct channel to your subscribers and potential customers' desktop and you didn't!


Guess Who's Using TechDex Direct To Desktop Technology to Communicate with Subscribers?


Let us reveal to you a little secret:

Guess Who's using TechDex Direct To Desktop technology to communicate with their Subscribers?

Some would tell you that multi-million dollar companies, Fortune 500 Companies and large corporations are using the hottest new technology to Deliver Messages Directly to Their Customers' Desktops.

That's true.


Check this out:

Forbes Magazine

" Business News Alerts (FBNA)

Sign up to have the latest from our editors flashed to your PC desktop. This lightweight Windows application keeps you informed while you work at your desktop via a small window that appears whenever news breaks. Choose from up to five customized versions..."


But that's only 1% of the truth.

The truth is that every online Tom, Dick and Harry has started using Direct To Desktop technology (called RSS) to communicate with subscribers!

Everyone's beginning to realize that email is no longer a reliable way of communicating with prospects and clients.

However, RSS has its limitations. I won't go into technical details of what they are but the good news is that TechDex Direct2Client overcomes/bypasses those limitations!

If TechDex Direct2Client system is such a "magical" way of communicating with clients, why isn't everyone using it instead of RSS?

Three simple reasons:

#1 People are slow to change and to adopt anything which is new, even if it solves their email problems. Heck! People are even slow in adopting RSS!

#2 Direct To Desktop solutions have been very expensive for small to medium sized businesses, especially to internet businesses. Companies had to pay thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to have direct to desktop solution. But not anymore.

#3 There has never been a Direct To Desktop autoresponder system, and internet marketers badly need an autoresponder system no matter what 'technology' is being used to send messages and newsletters. That's one of the primary features of TechDex Direct2Client.


How Does TechDex Direct2Client System Work?


Even though TechDex Direct2Client's underlying technology is absolutely the latest, the system is very easy to use. Even a 12 year old can use it!

TechDex Direct2Client solution is made up of two applications:

1. Publisher side/application: used by publishers. This is your side where you create and manage your messages, newsletters, subscriber lists, autoresponders and everything.

2. Client side/application: used by subscribers. This is the little application your prospects and subscribers download to their computers to be able to receive messages from you. In other words, they receive only your valuable content without the hassle of having to filter through a bunch of spam. Your custom branded Desktop Reader will only receive and display messages from YOU!

TechDex Direct2Client client application is the most reliable way your subscribers can hear from you, providing direct connection between you and them.

Here's How to Use TechDex Direct2Client: 1-2-3 Simple Steps!

Here's how to do it:

1. Create or import your messages to TechDex Direct2Client.

2. Select: Broadcasting, autoresponder scheduling or scheduling per calendar date.




3. Click "Save" or "Send"!

That's it!

Your subscribers download your fully customized TechDex Direct2Client Desktop Reader.

Once they do, a small icon will sit in their taskbar trays (in the lower right hand corner of their screens), which automatically notifies them of any new messages they receive from you.

Which is better, publishing via email, where your subscribers are getting your messages/newsletters along with 20 to 100 emails per day, or One-to-One Direct to Desktop Communication Channel!


Start Claiming Desktop 'Real Estate' Shares
Before It's Too Late!


Desktop space is limited. It's like real estate. the more its in demand, the higher its price will go.

Great news!

The price of your prospects real estate still has not skyrocketed! People are still willing to download your one-to-one direct communication channel because your prospects haven't been flooded with requests yet. Most publishers are still totally unaware of Direct To Desktop technology.

But be warned! This willingness is going to be short-lived. Your prospects will not accept to download your Direct To Desktop stuff when they already have twenty flashing icons in their desktop's icon tray! Who would?

So, this is a time-sensitive opportunity! Grab it before it's too late.

Right now is your best chance to claim a permanent share of your prospects' desktop real estate and secure your corner in their icon trays... before your competitors do.

Once you do that, your prospects will be less inclined to uninstall your message reading application and icon to install your competitor's!





TechDex Direct2Client Features!

Check out some of TechDex Direct2Client Features:


Message Management Center

This is where you create/compose, edit, format, and send to your subscribers visually attractive, professional-looking HTML messages.

  • Create multiple messages that contain color text, pictures, hyperlinks, and even dynamic components such as Flash animations and sound files.
  • Use the built-in HTML editor to create your messages.


  • Tip: Visually attractive text increases readability!
  • Edit or delete created messages.
  • Import existing messages from HTML editing software or create your own from scratch.
  • TechDex Direct2Client messages are delivered as a single, complete file. This means that contacts always see your full message with no broken links, or missing images even if they're not connected to the internet.
    This is totally unlike e-mail messages, which must be "linked" to a web page in order to display separate documents such as images and Flash animations.
  • Broadcast messages. No waiting for email autoresponder broadcast queues or anything! Your messages will appear right on the desktops of your subscribers the moment you hit "send"! Your subscribers receive them immediately!
  • Message Autoresponder scheduling:
    (i) Standard autoresponder scheduling of messages (related to the first message).
    (ii) Schedule messages to be added and deleted at a future time and date.
    (iii) Set a notification date and an expiration date for each message. Message Notification/Expiration Options: Calendar and After-n-Day mode.
  • Message tracking, see "next section".

Contacts & Message Tracking Management Center

  • View the number of contacts who have downloaded/received.
  • View the number of contacts who have opened each message.
  • View contact information and find out which messages your contacts are receiving and which ones they are reading.
  • How many times each message has been downloaded.
  • How many times a message has been opened.
  • The date of the most recent notification received by each subscriber.
  • Update, view and export (csv format) all the subscriber information.

Web Server Settings

  • Upload your Desktop Alert application to your server for people to download it.
  • Automatically post multiple messages on a web server, where they can be instantly downloaded by your contacts.
  • Server requirement: least 5MB - 10MB of space available. FTP access and CGI script capability.

Desktop Alert Client Application (TechDex Direct2Client Client)

This is the client-side application that your subscribers and customers download to their computer, enabling them to instantly receive your messages directly to their desktops.

Desktop Alert can receive multiple messages from you. Messages can be broadcasted, scheduled in two ways: autoresponder series and by calendar date.

As a publisher you can:

1. Select the frequency at which your contacts' Desktop Alert will automatically check your server for new messages (daily, weekly, every two weeks, etc.).

2. Fully customize logo and graphics of the Desktop Alert. You can fully customize the appearance of the Desktop Alert with the company logo and graphics, or use one of a number of professionally designed templates.

Note: TechDex Direct2Client Client Application is PC only, which of course is the majority of computer users worldwide.

Flash Demos & Tutorials!

Even though the system is as easy to use as ABC, you get multimedia tutorials to show exactly and step by step how to do everything.

We have created the following Flash demos for you:

For Publisher:

1. Web Server Setting
2. Desktop Alert Setting
3. Manage Messages
4. Manage Contact Information

For Subscriber:

Download, Registration and Receiving Messages from Desktop Alert
Note: the objective of this flash demo is to show the subscriber what they will get and what they need to do after downloading the Desktop Alert software.





How to Get Your Prospects to
Download Your TechDex Direct2Client Client!

There are a zillion ways you can have your prospects to use TechDex Direct2Client Client application.

All these ways are based answering the famous: "What's in it for me?" 

If you give your prospects something valuable FOR using TechDex Direct2Client, or THROUGH TechDex Direct2Client then you'll have mass exodus of people going from email to TechDex Direct2Client.

Here are some ideas for you:

Customers: If you are selling digital products, have your customers download the TechDex Direct2Client Client application to receive the links and instructions to download their product.

Subscribers: Offer premium information, a quality newsletter, hot tips and special content via the TechDex Direct2Client client application.

You must offer your TechDex Direct2Client clients something special... something that your website visitors and email subscribers won't be getting.

In other words, people have to download the TechDex Direct2Client client to be able to
receive this valuable information.

offer free quality stuff that people would only be able to receive via TechDex Direct2Client client.

In short, make your visitors and subscribers feel they're getting a valuable upgrade.





TechDex Direct2Client - Your Own Direct To Desktop Solution @ The Most Competitive Price on the Web!

Now you can own TechDex Direct2Client at the most competitive price on the entire web! 100% guaranteed!

TechDex Direct2Client rivals its high-priced, feature-lacking competitors!

The closest product to TechDex Direct2Client that you can get is a $297 Direct To Desktop software that does not have the most important feature of all; autoresponder scheduling for your messages!

TechDex Direct2Client is yours for a one-time investment of only $297!





hvezda Super Special, Limited-Time Offer! hvezda

TechDex Direct2Client Price: $297

Special, Limited-Time Offer: $197

Save $100!

Download TechDex Direct2Client right now for a limited special price of only $197!

Your TechDex Direct2Client is delivered digitally (i.e. via download), which means you can have it on your PC within the next 5 minutes! You will receive your download instructions immediately.

But please be warned! TechDex Direct2Client price is going to go back up to its original price of $297 anytime! Act now!

Free Lifetime Technical Support!

Order now nad get free lifetime technical support!


One Year Upgrades for Free!

Download TechDex Direct2Client right now and get one-year TechDex Direct2Client upgrades for free!


You Have Absolutely Nothing to Worry About!

90 Days No-Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


check Your purchase is absolutely risk-free! Your 100% satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, no-hard-feelings, unconditional, no-questions-asked, iron-clad 90 days money-back guarantee! You have nothing... absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If for any reason you're not satisfied, just email us requesting a refund. since the software is delivered digitally (i.e. via download), there's nothing to ship back. Requesting a refund is hassle-free. You can keep all the bonuses as a thank you for giving TechDex Direct2Client a try.

With such a money-back guarantee it makes sense to give TechDex Direct2Client a try.

Download TechDex Direct2Client now and don't leave this breakthrough software solution for your competitors!

You Really Can't Afford Not to Invest in this New Marketing Technology!

Make a smart and wise decision to improve your online business and order right now! Don't delay! It's quick and easy!

Click here now!
verisign safe





You don't have yesterday. You don't have tomorrow.
Your entire future is shaped and determined
by what you do today!

Do the right thing today, right now...

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

It doesn't matter if it's 2:02 a.m. in the morning!

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you can download TechDex Direct2Client.

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Click here!

Dexter Nelson

P.S. There is no doubt about it. Responses and profitability from Direct To Desktop applications is better than email!

TechDex Direct2Client System Requirements:

Pentium MMX Or Higher (Windows 98 only; 64 MB RAM)
or Windows 2000 or equivalent (128 MB RAM)
or Windows Xp.
Windows 98 or higher
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
150MB free hard drive space
56K modem or higher / Or Internet Connectivity
800 x 600 screen resolution, 16 million colors or higher
Any standard web server (Unix)(Apache Web Server)
Authority to add/delete files (FTP access) and run scripts on server

The System must be connected to Internet to install and run the TechDex DirectToDesktop (Direct2Client) Software Direct To Desktop Technology.





Attention MAC Users:

  • TechDex Direct2Client requires a PC Emulator to run on a MAC.
    Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Desktop Marketer software
  • Compatible PC Emulator (Virtual PC is one we recommend;
    you can get more information at: 
  • Mac OS 7.5.5 or later
  • 250MB free Hard Drive space
  • 28.8k (or faster) Internet Connection

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Clayton, NorthCarolina 27527

(919) 576-9255
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