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Music Industry 1st for Cloud Based Music Distribution

Music Industry 1st for Cloud Based Music Distribution
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Thursday, September 22, 2011 (10:30 AM)

Music Industry 1st for Cloud Based Music Distribution

Cloud Based Music DistributionCloud Based Music Distribution, until now, has been all about storage, and while there are a few big names that are pushing to capitalize on cloud based music, a small town North Carolina developer just developed an application that may just change the face of the entertainment industry.

It's called Music Sense and it is the first cloud based music distribution platform that allows a person to listen to, buy and download music from virtually anywhere there is Internet access, including mobile devices and smart phones.

But here is the interesting part. There are no applications to run, software to download, programs to install, or even accounts to sign up for. Anyone can just browse, listen, buy and download freely, and it wouldn't matter what device you're on. As long as you have Internet access, you're good to go.

What this means is that while everyone is focusing on mobile app development, you'll be able to buy, download and listen to your music without any apps at all, and be able to do it for free.

Music Sense was also designed to save you money. Imagine never having to buy another mobile application, paying monthly subscription fees just to have access to music, and not having to pay any more download fees?

In an economy where everyone is looking to save money, going digital, and thanks to Music Sense, it could mean big savings, and a blow to the music industry, who nets several hundreds of millions of dollars every year from subscription fees.

But even more than that, Music Sense challenges the music industry by giving artists 100% of the money from purchases.

It very possible that Music Sense will be to the entertainment industry, what open source is for technology.
And, it already offers more compatibility than any other company in the industry. Music Sense has been testing successfully on the following systems.

  • Windows (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9)
  • OSX (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  • iOS (Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • webOS (HP Touchpad, HP Veer, HP Pre 3)
  • Android (Android 2.3 Browser)
  • Blackberry (PlayBook Browser)
  • Windows Phone
  • T-Mobile G1/G2 (HTC Mobile Phones)

There are already several independent and local artists that are using music sense, as well as a radio station in Arizona. It seems that the future is now.

For more information, check out the 12 minute introduction video at

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