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5 Killer List Building Tips

5 Killer List Building Tips
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 (3:38 PM)

5 Killer List Building Tips

Live Minder List Building TipsIn a recent blog post, someone gave some pretty sound, (yet general advice) about list building. The information was great, but as with most posts of the informational type, they really don't go into strategy - they give you an overview and advice...

Well? I wanted to go beyond that and share with you five strategies that I use to build my own lists.

Here are my 5 Killer List Building Tips!

  1. I convert my blog posts into downloadable reports that I distribute as PDF files. Then I turn them into landing pages with opt-in forms. I'd promote those landing pages as any other product and give them the free download for opting in. This one is my biggest opt-in strategy so far. Also do this for your products! Offer the option to opt-in before a product download.
  2. I make sure all information I put out has a link to subscribe to one or more of my lists, depending on the topic. On my blog for example, people will find your articles and read, but very few will subscribe unless it's right there. I use "instruction" phrases like "for more information on this topic, enter your name and email address in the form and click subscribe." My opt-in rates almost tripled instantly. I also send out posts to that list first, 24-48 hours before I post it on my blog as a "get it first/behind the scenes" bonus.
  3. I generally use more than one list for the similar topics. For example I have a few marketing-based lists based on topics. Usually when a person isn't interested in one thing, let's say SEO, they may be in another like PPC. They all get the same relevant information of course, but slightly targeted to the topic of interest.
  4. You've heard of upselling? Try "up-opting" -  A few years ago I launched Winning Blog Tactics that has it's own mailing list, and when customers opted in to receive that information, the very first welcome email had a footer to a another list "Winning Forum Tactics" - this technique has helped me increase multiple lists as well as convert buyers into repeat buyers.
  5. Go social! A lot of people don't realize this, but that link and 40 characters in a status update go a LONG way to building your lists. I use my star headlines as a status update and the link to an opt-in squeeze page that promotes the list and the content in it. Instead of opting in for a product or a download, I highlight my lists as an online course by topics, and a person can opt-in to receive it.

There are more strategies that I use, however those bring the most results for me, and they don't take long to do at all. I hope you all enjoy this quick post.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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