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Just How Safe Is OS X Mac Guard Virus Attacks

Just How Safe Is OS X Mac Guard Virus Attacks
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Friday, May 27, 2011 (8:44 AM)

Mac Guard: The Next Mac Virus

Not too long ago, by way of a support page, Apple addressed the fake malware scan called Mac Defender, which turned out to be a virus. Well? Now it seems that malware creators have taken it to the next step and created MacGuard, another virus - and this one does not need a password to install.

Just like Mac Defender did, Mac Guard hijacks search engine results. It then opens a webpage disguised as a warning screen in OS X. It tells users they they need to install antivirus software to remove trojans. If Safari's "Open safe files after downloading" option is selected, installation begins automatically.

After it is installed, the software shows fake threat warnings, and then opens pornographic websites, and like many of these things, it's a scam to scare users into reaching into their wallets and handing over their credit card information, for software that doesn't exist.

Mac Defender Virus

Is this the start of something bigger?

Anyone who's ever looked at a Mac, there has been one major upside... that it is safe. After Mac Defender, Apple was pretty clear that it was a single threat, but now with Mac Guard the threat isn't singular, and MAC doesn't seem so safe anymore, and it begs the question... is this the start of something bigger?

It will be interesting to see how Apple chooses to handle this new threat, and even more than that, how they prepare for future threats. Many call it and over reaction to create a security suite like Microsoft did with Microsoft Security Essentials, however as an engineer and a programmer, this author has maintained for years that it was only a matter of time until Mac became a target.

In my opinion Windows is the most secure, because it has always been under attack. Constant attacks have brought security as a priority and as vulnerabilities were found, they were dealt with and each generation of Windows become more and more secure.

Apple, it seems, is now in a position where they have a couple options. I don't believe it's a single threat anymore, and handling threats like these on a case by case basis may work in the interrim, however, I'm almost sure that these types of attacks will continue now that there is blood in the water.

It will be interesting to watch how this develops and see how Apple maneuvers.

Even more, how will this affect Apple sales?

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