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People Link Staffing Services Oklahoma Review

People Link Staffing Services Oklahoma Review
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Monday, April 18, 2011 (8:30 AM)

People Link Staffing Services Oklahoma

Live Minder Connect Business Review

People Link Staffing Services People Link Staffing Services specializes in job placement and career placement.

With four locations in Oklahoma, (see below), finding jobs in Oklahoma doesn't have to be frustrating, or a long time consuming process.

Upon review, they work directly with local business owners to help applicants get a job and often times, do so much quicker. On their site they have a full listing of job opportunities as well as an easy job search, and even though it's not mandatory, it is recommended that you to complete the free registration, (see below).

Reviews & Testimonials:

"As you know the nature of our business is quite cyclical and we tend to have last minute staffing needs. You have consistently met those challenges for the past six years, while maintaining out normal temporary staff of approximately 30 associates. Also, your team has resolved to very few issues we have encountered in a positive and timely manner. We consider Peoplelink one of our vital business partners." - William J. Carter, Director of Distribution Services, The Stride Rite Corporation.

"I have no shortage of good things to say about Peoplelink. It is my pleasure working with you and your team. It is rare to find such a large number of qualified individuals at one organization. I look forward to working with Peoplelink for many years to come." - Michael L. Nicholas, PHR, Employment and Operations Manager, 1st Source Bank.

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Locations: There are currently four locations in Oklahoma. They are Claymore, Oklahoma City, Pryor Creek and Tulsa.

For details on these locations, please check out their Office Branch Locator.

  • Professional staffing services.
  • Easier job placement.
  • Fast job search.
  • Work directly with local business owners.
For more information, please visit

People Link, staffing services Oklahoma Live Minder Connect Business Review. People Link, staffing services in oklahoma specializes in job placement and career placement. With four locations in Oklahoma finding jobs doesn't have to be frustrating, or a long time consuming process.

people link staffing services, live minder, staffing services oklahoma, staffing services muskogee

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