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The Automatic Traffic Machine A New Marketing Innovation

The Automatic Traffic Machine A New Marketing Innovation
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Monday, January 27, 2014 (4:59 PM)

The Automatic Traffic Machine is a new marketing innovation that I created to help myself save time by automating many of the daily marketing tasks that ate up my time.

When I started TechDex Development & Solutions as a sole proprietorship almost 10 years ago (yeah, it's really been that long), I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for many roles I had to fill.

If you can imagine having to fill every role in a company, from executive to support, you can imagine how important time becomes to you - especially in an IT company where most of the day was spent fixing computers, programming and troubleshooting.

By the time I was done, there was hardly any time left to do much of anything else. IT is a full time job...

But so is marketing!

Almost immediately I started searching for ways to save time and cut down on the work load, and I did find a few things that helped over the years, but it seemed that for the sake of saving time, I had to give up results or settle for black hat stuff that risked my sites getting penalized by the search engines or banned altogether.

Even more than that, the things I did find that worked, only worked for a while, mostly because the people who created them didn't keep up with crucial changes.

Creating the Automatic Traffic Machine

In the end, being a programmer and marketer myself, I decided to create my own solution based on my own, specific marketing needs.

1. First, I needed something that would reduce the work load of marketing. Analysis and research goes by quickly, but everything else, like creating profiles and verifying emails, is work-intensive.

2. Second, I needed something that didn't require my constant attention. Most traffic solultions, even though they say they are automated, still requires you to sit there and watch it work, and to me that defeated the purpose.

3. Third, it had to be safe to use. I didn't want any more black hat software, apps that 'tricked' their way into the search engines, or unethical marketing that would ultimately undermine my business.

4. Fourth, it couldn't be a one-trick pony. Most of the software I found only did one or two things and that wouldn't fly. Whatever I created had to do more than one job.

5. Finally I had to get the same results as if I'd done it by hand myself, (or better results).

These were my keystone requirements and as the years rolled by, I became a better marketer and in turn, keeping up with what works in marketing, this lille no-name application I built for myself, I'm deciding to turn into something that anyone can use.

This is the Automatic Traffic Machine

Watch the video below and learn about why I created it, what it is EXACTLY, and why I'm making it available to everyone for use as a service, AND how you can get it.

Get the automatic Traffic Machine here =>

Get The Automatic Traffic Machine Script

Automatic Traffic Machine by Winning Blog TacticsIf you're an entrepreneur yourself, or you have a team of your own and would like to offer the automatic traffic machine as an incentive or bonus, you can purchase the application and run it on your own servers.

You will receive free upgrades and lifetime support so you never have to worry about having to purchase again or needing help from your team. I'll even do the setup for you. And if you don't have your own servers, or if your host doesn't support the technology, I will gladly provide dedicated hosting.

It's designed in Perl/MySQL and comes with everything you need right out of the box.

Click here to order and download the Automatic Traffic Machine Script.

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