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How To Free Yourself From Email Headaches

How To Free Yourself From Email Headaches
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Monday, January 31, 2011 (5:54 PM)

Free Yourself From Email Headaches...

SitePM MessagingImagine for a moment, never having to surf through junk mail and spam folders again, or never having to worry about downloading viruses and malware from attachments. How about getting messages from the rest of the world, WITHOUT putting your identity at risk?

Sounds great right? It gets better!

How cool would it be if you had control over who gets your email address? Imagine for a moment that the only people who could get your email address are the people you give it to... friends, family, and people you trust?

What if you had control over your inbox AND your privacy at the same time? No more compromises with ISP's who just want to sell you software, that for some strange reason, let's the spam through and identifies your email as spam.

Imagine the time you save and the frustration taken away...

  • No more hunting for lost messages.
  • No more complicated software to install and run.
  • No more phishing and spoofing from people trying to steal your money.
  • No more downloading viruses from attachments.
  • No more risks of having your contacts exploited.

Here's a big one - Imagine 100% Opt-outs without every having to worry about an advertiser passing your information on to someone else.

New Technology That's Changing The Way We Communicate.

Everywhere you look there seems to be some great new technology that's really a re-wrapped old technology with a new spin. This is why I'm really happy to introduce the SitePM Messaging System.

It delivers all of what was just imagined - control, identity protection, email protection, privacy, security and more, all without the burdens of new technology like new software and getting upgrades, and it works for everyone.

Are You Tired of All of The Hassles and Headaches From Email?

SitePM Messaging is an entirely new concept and technology in messaging. Here is what it does.

  1. It treats your email and messaging content as if it was data, similar to how you would treat files, folders, documents and even databases.
  2. It protects email as you would any other type of data. So "email" is no longer just email but becomes a protectable resource.
  3. It removes the proprietary control of ISP's and gives it to you - this is messaging in the cloud.

What kind of results can you expect?

For starters, some beta testers have seen as much as a 99% reduction in spam... all without the need for filters, allow-sender lists, alternate email addresses, or many of the other hassles associated with regular email.

What's in it for you? What are the benefits?

  • SitePM gives you absolute control over your inbox without you having to worry about challenges with allow sender lists or having to surf through spam folders for missed emails. You decide who can and can't send you messages.

  • SitePM lets you keep your email private, meaning that it allows others to contact you without them having your email address, so you can give your email address to only those people that you trust.

  • You also don't have to worry about infections from viruses and malware from attachments. SitePM is designed to stop anyone from sending you any files without your explicit permission.

  • The system applies both aggressive and passive security that's impossible to do with regular email. Aggressive security allows you to block users, email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, and much more. Passive security automatically blocks over 30 thousand known hosts and illegal advertising networks from ever reaching your inbox.

  • A new feature called "Media Mail" allows you to watch and listen to audio and video content from popular sites like Youtube, right from your inbox. No more code to copy, pages to create, or links to click. Just open your mail and watch or listen.

  • You also have absolute control over subscriptions like newsletters and magazines. SitePM takes away subscriber control from advertisers so that you can opt in and opt out with 100% success and never have to worry about your information being sold or given to another party, or worry that your information will be kept on some dormant list.

  • Family and Corporate accounts allow you to create and manage accounts for family members and employees, and also includes double opt in security so that your family is protected from receiving adult content, and all content is reportable!

  • SitePM also gives you what many services charge for: File Management. Instead of sending files everywhere, you can send a simple download link from your file manager. You may also use it for online backups, archiving, and even hosting downloads on your website.

  • If you have something important to deliver to someone, SitePM's Registered Mail feature is designed so that you can send registered email to a person. You will receive a confirmation when messages are read, and for quality assurance, it uses duplication so that emails can't be faked, and it will stand up in court.

And these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg!

Remember that there is no software to install, nothing to download, and it doesn't use anything that you don't already use.

You've been looking for a solution to email hassles that makes sense, and one that works.

SitePM Messaging System gives you what no one else has ever been able to give you... control, security, protection, privacy, and more.

 Register and create your account today. Isn't it time you take control again?

Try it free for three days, and if you decide to keep your account, it's only $3.99 a month! That's a far cry from the hundreds and even thousands of dollars for other solutions out there.

To create your account, click on the link below.

Best regards,

Dexter Nelson
TechDex Development & Solutions


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