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Old Year's Day and New Year's Eve

Old Year's Day and New Year's Eve
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Friday, December 31, 2010 (11:34 AM)

Old Year's Day and New Year's Eve

It's become a past time here in the US. At the top of the One Times Square building in Manhattan, New York City, a ball of Waterford Crystal adorned with lights is hoisted to the top of the pole. The countdown starts and in the course of a minute, it descends 77 feet to rest at the bottom, ringing in the new year.

Champagne bottles pop, streamers go up, fireworks go off, new resolutions are made, but wait a minute. Before you go breaking out in Auld Lang Syne, what about the 23 hours 59 minutes before the last minute?

New Year's Eve or Old Year's Day has traditions of it's own long before the clock turns over to the new year, and what about the rest of the world? Many share similar traditions like going to church, sharing a family meal right before midnight, followed by fireworks and happy new year wishes and toasts.

But did you now that Old Year's Day is steeped in superstition and traditions?

Many believe that what happens on New Year's Eve marks, in a way, what the rest of the following year will be like. Kissing at midnight is a symbol that those affections will continue through the next year, while not doing so is an omen of a lonely year.

Make sure and stock your cupboards and put lots of money in your wallet or purse. It's a symbol of prosperity for the new year and the 12 months that follow.

While this is unavoidable for many because of our economic times, pay off your bills. Starting the new year in debt is also a bad financial omen.

Be careful who you let into your home at midnight. The first person to walk into your home after midnight is said to influence all of the new year. For fortune, the first person in your home after midnight should be a man, preferably tall, dark-haired and good looking, not cross-eyed, have flat feet or have a uni-brow, (you know? meets in the middle?).

A woman entering your home first after midnight is an omen that could bring disaster upon your entire household. Blondes and redheads bring bad luck.

Absolutely nothing goes out. The home should be marked with fortune and things being added instead of taken away. In like fashion, do not lend money or precious items. Wear new clothes, try not to break things and whatever you do, don't cry.

And don't forget the good luck food. Black-eyed peas cites both good luck and financial good fortune. A cup of lentil soup and pork are good signs of moving forward in the following year. No birds or any other type of poultry - they scratch backwards, a sign of struggling.

For the work-a-holics like myself, do something successfully related to your work, but make it very light work, lest you set the tone of serious work with little breaks for the rest of the year.

In many cultures, Old Scratch (the name for the devil in old New England and pre-civil war America), and his evil angels are out to ruin as many lives as possible, but don't like loud noises, so bang those pots, shoot off those shotguns, (safely mind you), burst all of the fireworks you have, blast the radio, cheer, and make as much noise of possible. Fend off evil and have a jolly good time while you're at it.

And let the old year out with ease by opening all of your doors and windows just before midnight, to help him leave quickly, especially if you had a bad year.

Most importantly, no matter what you believe, keep your family close, make some new friends, and show kindness. Who knows? Maybe the superstitions are based in some truth and we end up having an incredible 2011.

Happy new year everyone!

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