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Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon says I choose to be gay

Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon says I choose to be gay
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 (3:27 AM)

Can A Person Choose To Be Gay? Do They Have The Right To?

Hot topic I just had to comment on. For as long as there has been a gay movement for equality we've heard the argument, "I was born this way." It has been at the center of almost every rally and court battle, and has been a long-standing fight between religion and homosexuality.

The question has now been posed, can a person choose to be gay? Well? Apparently they can according to Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon.

In a recent New York Times article, she was quoted, "For me, it is a choice," and futher went on to say, "I understand that for many people it's not, but for me it's a choice, and you don't get to define my gayness for me."

The backlash of the gay community left me with a bitter taste in my mouth as several members of the gay and lesbian community are speaking out against what she said, including other celebrities. The question I have to ask is why?

In fact, I have several questions...

Truth be told that Cynthia Nixon isn't the first to come forward and say that she choses to be a lesbian. For example, the article Why I Chose To Be Gay by RLD Books highlights the struggle of a homosexual man as he tries to justify his choice to be gay.

Posted by BornWithoutReligion, the video I CHOOSE to be Gay (below) is a "so what if I do" point of view to the core argument itself, and there is a series of links and testimony on the Queer By Choice web page of others who have made the choice to be homosexual.

Just in a passive search I found literally hundreds upon hundreds of cases of people choosing to be homosexuals. Of those many questions I have probably the biggest ones are based around freedom of choice and rights.

Can a straight person choose to be gay? And if they can, doesn't it also mean that a person who chooses to be gay should have the right to do so without being jumped over by other homosexuals?

Why are homosexuals all in an uproar over this? Is it because until now the people who have openly chosen to be homosexuals could have been swept under a mat and kept under quiet raps and they can't do that with a celebrity? I wonder...

Or is it that the question can now be asked, can a gay person choose to be straight? If homosexuality is also a choice, the repercussions can be very damaging, especially to laws that were passed based in any part on the notion that there is no choice of sexual orientation.

Suddenly the homosexual dogma of "I was born this way," no longer applies to every homosexual, so what does it mean for the gay movement, now that they can't stand on that as a valid argument?

Please forgive a Christian author for pointing this out, but isn't the homosexual community showing a great deal of hypocrisy by barking down in public other homosexuals who choose to be homosexual?

Seriosuly, is there a "gays must conform" law we don't know about? Doesn't Cynthia Nixon, (and other homosexuals who are so by choice), have the right to choose and to do so freely, without condemnation? I mean acceptance is what homosexuals are fighting for isn't it?

Or is it acceptance for only homosexuals who were born that way?

Could this be the start of a division in the homosexual community, kind of like the unspoken internal conflight of lighter shade and darker shade black people?

From my perspective I guess when a homesexual person says, "I was born this way," I should ask, "are you sure?" or even, "were you born that way, or coerced into saying you are by pressure from other homosexuals?"

From the public reactions, they seem to be very legitimate questions now.

What do you think?

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