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Live Minder Trend Analysis Statistics

Live Minder Trend Analysis Statistics
Posted by Dexter Nelson: Friday, December 10, 2010 (2:51 PM)

Live Minder Trend Analysis Statistics (day 2)

Live Minder Trend Analysis Since yesterday's launch of Live Minder, (where you "Mind your own data!"), the response has been simply overwhelming.

Never before has there been a method of analysis that can show you current market trends, and rising market trends with near 100% accuracy.

Much like what was said yesterday, there are a lot of spectacular claims about what people can do for your business, however, very few are willing to back up those claims with numbers, far less LIVE numbers. So here is a one day update.

Remember yesterday's stats? (

Here is the current stats, one day later.

Alexa Live Minder Trend Analysis 12-10-2010

Yesterday's Alexa rank was 1,813,892, and the US rank was 302,835. Today the rank is 1,578,740 on Alexa, and 218,149 in the US. It's a very drastic jump in stats. The global Internet users the site reaches is up 800% (190% this month), pageviews are up 5800% (2000% this month), bounce rate is down 50% and time spent on the site is up almost 2000%) - and what's really amazing is that a few weeks ago, this dead site wasn't even ranked in the US.

Here's more updated stats.

Quantcast Live Minder Trend Analysis 12-10-2010

Notice that the directly measured traffic is continually rising at an incredible rate. Want more proof?

Check out Google Analytics visits overview...

Google Analytics Live Minder Stats

Again, the results are the same - a continual steady rise in traffic.

Live Statics:


There's not much else to say. The number back up everything claimed about Live Minder Trend Analysis, and here is the ONLY place where you can get it!

What does that mean for you?

  • It means that for the first time ever, marketing research can now point to what's happening instead of educated guesses about what might happen.
  • It means that the face of marketing research just changed, and the playing field between big corporations and everyone else running legit businesses has just be leveled.
  • It means product creation can be done based on live trends and not weeks of market analysis.
  • It means being able to target and penetrate new markets sooner.
  • It means assuming less risk and not wasting money in unnecessary advertising.
  • It means reaching your customers on a more direct and personal level
  • And more...

How do you get it?

Just fill out your name, email address and phone number in the form below.

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